Cleaning your windows is an important part of maintaining your home. Crystal clear and spotless windows have many benefits. They allow more natural light in, prevent window deterioration, and boost curb appeal. However, cleaning your own windows and be tricky and dangerous.

1. Using Paper Towels to Wipe Down Your Windows.

Paper towels may seem like the best and most common option for wiping down your glass- but believe it or not, paper towels are not the way to go! In fact, cleaning with paper towels can scratch your glass, show streaks, and leave behind lint particles.

Instead, try a soft microfiber cloth to wipe down your glass. They’re not only super absorbent but will also leave your glass shiny and streak-free, without leaving behind particles.

2. Using Harsh Cleaning Solutions.

It’s important to be careful when choosing a product to clean your windows with. Be sure to avoid sprays like those containing solvents such as grease remover, chlorine bleach, ammonia, dyes, and strong soaps and detergents. These ingredients may discolor your windows or frames, and damage the glass.

Mickeys guarantees a safe, clean finish with our services. To clean your windows, we use a professional grade and safe soap solution to ensure that no damage or risk of damage is done to your property.

3. Using Blades to Remove Spots and Stains

Glass is prone to stains that can make your windows look cloudy and unkempt. A common strategy for removing pesky window stains is to scrape them with a razor blade or other abrasive pads or sponges – this is a big mistake! Rough or gritty materials can permanently scratch your windows and even damage their protective UV films. Instead, try using a squeegee. Squeegees can prevent mineral formation and remove streaks from cleaners. They’re also a great solution for quick cleaning and are effective at removing excess moisture, reducing the risk of bacteria growth or water spots.

If there is paint, stain, or any other residue that you cannot remove, be sure to trust the professionals at Mickeys to get the job done safely.